Tlazohteotl: The Spirit of Divine Love PDF

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Tlazohteotl, the Spirit of Divine Love, was woven into the daily fabric of the lives of the Ancient Mexicans. She was the literal heart of the people: present from the moment of birth when she was invoked by midwives, and late in life as she cleansed and readied each person for their final days.

Tlazohteotl was venerated throughout Central Mexico and the Gulf Coast. She was honored by various groups including the Mixtec, Huastec, and Totonac. The Aztecs adopted her into their pantheon, and her temple in Tenochtitlan was located in Tocicitlan. Throughout all cultures, she was associated with love and the pardoning of transgressions.

Like all deities, Tlazohteotl has various aspects. While they may seem disparate to the modern mind, in the indigenous cosmology, all were seamlessly connected. The thread connecting the aspects is women’s multifaceted place in the community. The lunar aspect emphasizes fertility and regeneration; veneration by healers and the temazcal connects with women’s roles as healers and midwives; weaving and the cotton refer to women’s work; and the pardoning of sins was performed by the priestesses of Tlazohteotl. This deity was honored in multiple facets of women’s lives.Through the rituals and prayers, find Tlazohteotl and open your own heart to her powerful healing.  

Mother of all the divine that inhabits the earth.
Illuminate my life, you and the moon light my path.
Listen to my words, listen to my heart, that blooms with your blessing; hear my prayer.
Teach me to rise as a woman balanced with the four directions who dances with cosmos.
With your presence my heart becomes divine.

Included in this download:
Guided Meditation audio file
36 page full color PDF including:

  • Origins of Tlazohteotl
  • Her names and meanings
  • Appearance, symbols, and tools
  • Image analysis
  • Ritual days
  • Lunar aspects
  • Connections with:
  • Midwives, healers, and the Temazcal
  • Weaving and cotton
  • Tlazohteotl as pardoner and deity of carnal love
  • Rituals
  • Cleansing ritual
  • Ritual to alleviate excessive love
  • Temazcal
  • 3 prayers to Tlazohteotl
  • Invocation to Tlazohteotl
  • Ritual for Tlazohteol