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The Jade Oracle deck is a powerful divination tool bringing the wisdom of the ancient Mexican cosmovision to a new generation.
Order your deck and explore a new path to the sacred.

Combining ancient myths and symbols with original art, this boxed set of 52 soulfully illustrated cards is accompanied by a booklet to guide you through understanding the mythology, interpretation, and divination.

Learn more about the Goddesses, Gods, and symbols that were the core for this deeply spiritual culture.

Each card is a work of art from Ramona Teo, bringing new life to Ancient Mexican cosmology.

Mayahuel comes into our lives and invites us to take a break from our drama and return to the basic things that we need to do in order to survive, like sleep, food, water, movement, and elimination. She invites us to connect with the opulence and fullness of our life. When you decide that you want to continue, she is there to nurture you. And when you are ready to give life, she is there to protect you.

Tlazolteotl provides you the opportunity to be born again, to begin anew. When you are ready to confront your fears and insecurities, and the difficulties in your life, and when you are ready to take responsibility for them, you can ask Tlazolteotl to take away all of your past garbage, your “baggage,” your filth. She embodies the archetype of the warrior, giving you the strength to face your fears and move forward with your life.

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