Toci Tonantzin and La Virgen de Guadalupe: Threads Weaving the Past to the Present PDF

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The threads that weave our present stretch far into the past. Often called the “Goddess of the Americas,” La Virgen de Guadalupe has grown from the roots of pre-Hispanic deities. She is closely associated with Toci, our Grandmother. The Heart of the Earth, Toci is the patron of all those practicing medicine, and she is the protector of newborns and infants. She invented the temazcal, and she is responsible for earthquakes.

Grandmother Toci is the archetype of the wise woman. She is our connection to the ancient wise women all over the planet. It is this connection that brings us the knowledge of recurring cycles so that we can understand and grow from their teachings, bringing light to our paths. We hope that the prayers, history, meditation, and songs included here will bring Her closer to you.

Included in this PDF:

  • Guided Meditation audio file
  • 42 page full color PDF including:
    • Prayer to Toci Tonantzin
    • Her Names
    • Festivals Honoring Toci, including Ochapniztli (festival of sweeping)
    • Festivals Honoring La Virgen de Guadalupe
    • Shrines to Toci Tonantzin and La Virgen de Guadalupe
    • The Nican Mopohua, the story of the appearance of La Virgen de Guadalupe
    • Recipe for atole
    • Song to Teteo Innan