1 Card Reading with the Jade Oracle Deck

1 Card Reading with the Jade Oracle Deck

Posted by Veronica Iglesias on Mar 25th 2020

Oracles are ancient tools that had been used by many cultures in the world.

In ancient Mexico people used different techniques, for instance, they read the corn kennels, water was used with the same purpose. For the ancients, the concept of movement was also key in their lives as well as their connections with the Universe, and specifically the four directions. Everything gave them signals to live and improve their lives.

Ancient Ritual Calendar

Another way the ancients designed their life was through the sacred or ritual calendar of 260 days. This specific calendar was based in the human gestation and the numbers 13 and 20, two of the most important numbers for this ancient culture. These numbers were related with the main joints of the body (13) and the fingers and toes (20). According with this calendar every day was influenced by a deity with a very specific energy, and for that reason the day supported specific activities or rituals.

The Jade Oracle

The Jade Oracle was originated with the intention to bring back that ancient tradition. The Jade Oracle has 52 cards, 52 is another important number, it is related with a cycle that brought together the solar and ritual calendar.

The Jade Oracle has the intention to help you position yourself in contact with the Universe and your inner cosmos, to understand where are you in your life now. It can guide you through some of the challenges that you have in your life.

One Card Reading

For your reading is recommended to created a sacred space, light a candle, burn some incense, you can also put relaxing music if you like. A very easy way to find guidance is to form a question in your mind. Shuffle or mix the cards. Spend time asking your questions, select one card, read about the card in the information booklet. Allow the art, the colors, the name, the history and the symbolism of the card. Find the answer to your question, and bring that wisdom into your life.