About Veronica Iglesias

About Veronica Iglesias

Posted by Veronica Iglesias on Mar 28th 2020

My name is Verónica Iglesias. I am a curandera, healer, and a scholar, born and raised in Mexico. I founded Papalotl to support my fellow sisters and brothers through their healing and transformation by sharing the ancestral wisdom and knowledge of earth medicine from my heritage.

I have named my practice Papalotl, which means “Butterfly” in Nahuatl, the language of my lineage—for it is a perfect emblem for self-transformation.

My innate love of learning led me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Library Science. At the top of my career, overseeing Mexico City libraries, I grew deeply discontent. Both my mind and my body rebelled against me. I left my high paying career to take care of myself.

In the process of reclaiming myself, I began studying one of the many earth medicine modalities—plant medicine.

As I pursued this study, I was initiated as a Sahumador, the Carrier of the Sacred Fire. While the initiation ritual unfolded, I realized that I had received this role before, when I was 9 years old. My path was clear. I was called to continue my journey as a healer.

Under the tutelage of Ana Silvia Serrano, I acquired the art of crystal, gem and obsidian therapies and shamanic practices. My transformation into a healer required me to embrace both the shadow and the light in my being, to process unresolved inter-generational trauma, and learn to love all that came into my life.

When I regained my strength, I returned to academia to pursue my master’s degree in Mesoamerican Studies from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. As part of my research, I sought out indigenous healers in Mexico to further enrich and deepen my knowledge of the various healing methods, rituals, and ceremonies.

In 2010 I was initiated as a cihuatlamacazqui, a priestess of Ix´Cheel, the Mayan Goddess of Medicine, in a beautiful ceremony at the Mayan lands. I have since then led many retreats for those seeking transformation. I began offering my services to alternative healing and wellness centers in Mexico and the United States, aiding those recovering from addiction and trauma.

Our planet needs us all to come back into balance within ourselves. When we heal ourselves, we are able to bring this healing to our families and our communities.

I am dedicated to helping you regain your vitality, and restore your balance and clarity so that you are empowered to pursue your passion and purpose. I thank you for doing all that you can to leave this planet in a better place for our children.

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